If a picture is worth a thousand words, then let me share your novel with the world.


LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? let my lens tell your story.



Reuters is one of my regular clients both for stills and video.  I can do the same for your journalistic enterprise.

Roof damage inspections are no longer dangerous, same for solar panels and more. Even a dog park as you will see here.

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Drones at a wedding?  Why not at the rehearsal or the reception or during the photo sessions, sure! And if you have a unique venue there's no better way to show it.

Aerial Video/Stills

Real estate listings are now using aerial photography and video to much more effectively show off a property.  Jefferson County is a client too, illustrating their parks.

Aerial Video/Stills and real estate work

Two million dollars of liability insurance. Don't even think of hiring a pilot without it.

I have been a professional photographer for forty years. This is what sets me apart from all the other drone pilots out there. I can make the pictures and video you need, the first time up.

Drone Photography and surveying in Denver. Aerial photography and video.  Copyright 2020. Wilking Mountain LLC. All Rights Reserved. 

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Remote Aircraft Pilots License. Issued by the FAA after extensive testing.  Over 4 years flying aerial cameras.


Aircraft and cameras. State of the art commercial grade equipment does make a difference.  Not the toy or prosumer UAVs you will find in the market. Aerial photography and video. in Denver and Boulder. Drone Photography and surveying.

Eye in the Sky Photos and Video

Aerial photography and video in Denver,Boulder,Golden